Wednesday, August 31, 2011


These are the questions students often ask about the TRCS Internship Program. If you have a question that is not listed here, email Girelle at

1- How do I find an internship?
Browse our list of programs located here.

2- How many hours of internship do I have to complete?
20 hours per semester.

3- May I complete all the required hours in one semester?
You may not complete more than 20 hours in one semester. Additional hours will not count towards the following semester.

4- What if my organization requires more than 20 hours in a semester?
It is your responsibility to abide by the rules and regulations of your placement, including required hours. As previously mentioned, additional hours in a semester do not roll over to the next one.

5- When may I participate in an internship?
You may complete your hours at any time that does not conflict with your classes or college courses. Businesses and organizations prefer that students intern or volunteer for at least two hours in a week. Since most organizations close at 5:00pm, High School students are dismissed at 1:30pm on Wednesday. In this manner, you will have more options available.

6- Do I receive credit for my internship?
You do not receive credit. Your internship represents a percentage of your College Bound grade. See learning contract for details.

7- When is the last day I may sign up for an internship? 
October 14, 2011. On this date, you must complete the Enrollment Verification Form and the Learning Contract. If you applied to a program and have not received a response, complete the Awaiting Response form by October 14, 2011.

8- May I stay at TRCS on Wednesday afternoons if I don’t have an internship?
You may stay only if a teacher or staff has agreed to supervise you during this time. Otherwise, you must leave the building after dismissal at 1:27pm.

9- I don’t like the program I am in, what do I do?
Make an appointment with me at so that we can discuss your situation.

10- May I use my job to fulfill my internship requirements?
Only seniors may fulfill the internship requirement through a job. Students who choose this option are also required to complete all documents and projects.

11- May work for someone in my family?
No. Students are not allowed to intern for family members.

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