Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Internship Project Deadline and Scholarship List

Internship Project 
The deadline for the internship project has been changed. The project is now due on January 13, 2011 for all students. Carefully read the guidelines here. If you have questions, please email Girelle at girelleguzman@gmail.com or make an appointment with her.

Scholarship List 
The College Office has created a list of scholarship. Check it out here.
We'd love to know your thoughts on the list. Email your comments at girelleguzman@gmail.com.

Student Travelers 
Congratulations to the following students for being accepted to the YMCA Global Teens travel and community service program:  Danisha Brown (South Africa), Erica Cawthon (South Africa), Vilma Gamarra (Thailand), Daisy Garate (Peru) and Marcela Rodriguez (Brazil). Congratulations also to Tenzing Ukyab in the 11th grade for her acceptance into the Korea Society Project Bridge Program.

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