Monday, September 12, 2011

Programs at TRCS

Auditorium Events Coordinator
Positions Available: 2-3
Hours: Varies
Supervisor: Rebekah S
Requirements: Junior and/or Senior Theater Students in good academic standing.
Duties: Serve as liaison to all parties involved in and impacted by events in the auditorium. Oversee all use of school property (ie. lights, sound equipment, furniture, walls, chairs, floor, etc) for event and ensure space is returned to Dance-Class-Ready condition prior to the next regularly scheduled class in the space. Synchronize all required elements prior to event, ensuring all paperwork is complete. All work is on an as needed basis and check-ins in the auditorium and with Rebekah S will be a constant.This is the pilot year for this position and student and teacher participants will need to be flexible, with the ability to make it up as we go along, if need be. So a sense of
humor is helpful.
Apply: Email Rebekah S at

Sadie Nash Leadership Project at TRCS
Hours: Wednesdays, 9:00am to 11:00am
Supervisors: To be determined
Requirements: Open to 9th grade female students
Description: The Sadie Nash Leadership Project’s (SNLP) mission is to strengthen, empower, and equip young women as agents of change in their lives, communities, and in the world. Through Sadie Nash you will participate in a weekly leadership group during your four years of high school. During year one young women will engage in dialogue about issues ranging from a critical analysis of media and juvenile justice, to self-care and reproductive rights. On year two you will learn about your community and how to take action to address social issues that matter to you. Year three is dedicated to preparing to apply to college and during year four you will organize and lead your own leadership project. You can earn up to $200 based on regular attendance and participation.
Apply: Email Girelle at

School Culture Assistant
Positions Available: 6-8
Hours: Wednesdays, from 8:55am to 10:55am
Supervisor: Suzanne
Requirements: Candidate must be reliable and dedicated to excellence. Must be able to work independently, manage time, and focus on goals. Outgoing, enthusiastic attitude is a must, as public speaking meant to encourage and inspire is involved.
1. Maintain third floor elementary library
2. Shout outs
3. Collect, create, distribute and post certificates, K – 124.
4.Announce shout outs in K – 6 classrooms and on PA system for grades 7 – 12
5. Maintain shout out boards
6. Quotes and posters
7. Print, laminate, and post rotating quotes (three per week)
8. Seek, print, laminate, and post other posters, as needed.
Apply: Email Suzanne at

Students Care
Hours: Wednesdays, 9:00am to 11:00am
Supervisor: Chelsea Reid
Requirements: Interest in social justice and community service. Open to students 9-12.
Description: In this program you will research social problems that affect different neighborhoods in New York City. As a group, you will pick one neighborhood and brainstorm ways to help address a major social problem affecting that community. You will learn how to write proposals to community organizations and how to fundraise. At the end of the program you will share your research findings with the community through blogging, photo essays, newsletters, etc. After the completion of the service project students will reflect on what they have learned: was the service we made was meaningful? is the issue just a small aspect of a bigger issue?
Apply: Email Girelle at

Tech Crew Internship

Hours: Wednesdays, 9:00am to 11:00am
Supervisors: Curtis Anderson
Requirements: Interest in backstage theater work
Description: This internship involves set building and design, costumes, lights, sound, props and set running crew for Curtis' drama production that will take place April 8, 9 and 10. Crew members are required to be available for those dates and for production week beginning March 31. Tech Crew will begin with reading through the script and making notes. Each intern is expected to be completely familiar with the script before being assigned to specific areas of the production.
Apply: Email Curtis Anderson at

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