Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lit. Skills - Freshpeople

Homework: verb page
verb page

Homework for microbe worksheet (four parts of a verb): microbes

Homework for Mon/Thursday class (due Feb. 14):
ACTION VERB PAGE (make sure it is typed and action verbs are UNDERLINED):

HOMEWORK for week of Jan. 7 - Thursday:
Type your ADJECTIVE PAGE based on the format reviewed in class.  REMEMBER TO UNDERLINE THE ADJECTIVES THAT YOU USE!
 hw model - ADJECTIVE PAGE
Homework for week of Oct. 29, Monday or Tuesday:
Type your NOUN PAGE based on the format that we reviewed in class:  hw model - NOUNS

Homework Worksheet - 
Due Tuesday 10/16 (period 3) or Thursday 10/18 (period 3)
sugar 1 - NOUNS + include world map with countries identified (one sentence about each). See Maura if you need a map.

Homework Assigned 10/4/12 due on 10/9/12
Submit homework via email at 

Email Girelle: 
1- A list of 3 programs to which you applied 
2- Name of program to which you have been accepted

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